GC Gold Label 1 – Regular Pac Luting & Lining, P & L


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About GC Gold Label 1 – Regular Pac Luting & Lining, P & L

Enhanced, Self-Cured Luting Lining Cement

35 Gms. P, 25 Gms. L

GC Gold Label 1 is designed for the final cementation of crown and bridge restorations. It has been refined to provide enhanced physical properties. GC Gold Label 1 chemically bonds to tooth structure and metal which provides excellent strength and marginal integrity for long-term restorations. Its also well suited for securing metal inlays, on lays, posts, and orthodontic brackets.
Features And Benefits
Strong Direct Bond
Non-precious and precious metal to tooth structure

Superior Marginal Seal
Minimizes microleakage
The coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to tooth structure
Bonds in a Wet Field
No primer or adhesive is required
Simple cementation technique
Sustained Fluoride Release
Cariostatic activity

Faster: Snap Set with more Working Time, Strong Bonding, Compressive and Tensile Strengths
Greater longevity and restoration integrity

Smooth, Creamy Consistency
Easy to mix and handle

Low Film Thickness
Restorations: seat is better; has fewer problems

Low Solubility After Set (.06%)
Reduced microleakage
Less chance of washouts and sensitivity developing




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