Ivoclar Optragate, Small Size


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About Ivoclar Optragate, Small Size

Moisture control made easy.

Optra Gate is a latex-free lip and cheek retractor. The aids unique flexibility and elasticity make it comfortable to wear and assist patients to keep their mouth open.

The main product benefits include:

Easy access to the cavity
Lips and cheeks are evenly retracted around the mouth
Easily accessible, manageable treatment field
Effective and quick relative isolation
Relaxed and more efficient treatment procedure
Easy placement
Increased concentration on the actual treatment procedure
Relieves the work of the dental assistant and dentist.
High patient comfort of wear
3-dimensional flexibility for a very good positioning
Soft, flexible material with recesses to accommodate the upper and lower lip frenulum
Good compatibility thanks to the latex-free material
Efficient Esthetics
Optra Gate forms a part of the “Direct Restoratives” product category. The products of this category cover the procedure involved in the direct restoration of teeth from preparation to restoration care. The products are optimally coordinated with each other and enable successful processing and application. You can find more Information about the efficient esthetics workflow here.




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