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Ashvac Vacuum Molding Machine

Original price was: ₹38,990.00.Current price is: ₹28,990.00.

Ashvac Vacuum Molding Machine


Original price was: ₹38,990.00.Current price is: ₹28,990.00.

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Ashvac Vacuum Molding Machine is built with highly durable aluminium construction. The Ashvac Vacuum Molding Machine is powder coated and is scratch and heat-resistant. This is a standalone operation which does not require a compressor.
The machine has a fast-acting, low-power-consuming ceramic heater and a powerful vacuum motor.
The spring-loaded front lock and hinge can accommodate all thicknesses of sheets. Single switch operation with interlock feature which allows heater or vacuum to function at a given time.
You can fabricate in-house orthodontic retainers, aligners, splints, surgical guides, etc using the Ashvac Vacuum Molding Machine within a matter of few minutes.

User Guide

  1. Load the sheet to be thermoformed on the sheet holder of the machine
  2. Align the sheet holder below the vacuum molding heater
  3. Place the dental model on the model platform of the machine
  4. Turn the heater on, and soften the sheet
  5. Turn the vacuum on
  6. Then the softened sheet should be lowered on the model placed below
  7. After a few seconds, the softened sheet will be tightly adapted to the model
  8. Allow the sheet to be cooled for a couple of minutes
  9. Unmount the molded sheet from the machine
  10. Remove the model from the molded sheet
  11. Cut and trim the sheet and deliver it to the patient





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