Photosil Putty (Purple)

DPI Photosil Putty (Purple)

Original price was: ₹3,600.00.Current price is: ₹2,520.00.

DPI Photosil Putty (Purple)


Original price was: ₹3,600.00.Current price is: ₹2,520.00.

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About DPI Photosil Putty (Purple)

The Photosil soft putty is two component silicones elastomers which cure at temperature by an addition curing reaction (1: 1 ratio).
Photosil Soft Putty by DPI is an addition silicone elastomeric impression material used to
make precision dental impressions for extra-orally fabricated prostheses.
They are supplied in two components:- the base and the catalyst.
Photosil Soft Putty ensures excellent detail reproduction.
Its low level of linear shrinkage and good mechanical properties make it a suitable
impression material for making high quality dental impressions.

Indications for Use
These products are specially formulated for dental impression.

  • Photosil Soft Putty is biocompatible and non-toxic.
    Excellent details reproduction, Standard and quick setting time.
  • No release of toxic substances during and after curing.
  • High resistance to inorganic chemicals and UV rays.
  • Good release properties with organic resin and hydrated plaster of Paris.
  • Biocompatibility and no toxicity.
  • Good mechanical properties and low linear shrinkage.
  • The Photosil soft putty is two component silicons elastomers which
    cure at room temperature by an addition curing reaction





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