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About GC everX Flow- Bulk fill


Short-fiber reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

Discover Everex Flow, a short-fiber reinforced flowable composite designed to replace dentine and reinforce restorations. Following the same principle as the iron rebar in construction, the glass fibers in Everex Flow strengthen restorations and prevent them from cracking. With its easy application, its two shades and its incredible strength, Everex Flow is about to become your new go-to product for all your restorations in need of a strong core, as well as core build-up preparations.

Indicated for direct restorations & for core build-up including post and core.
Incredible strength with high fracture toughness. (288MPa/m0.5)
Controlled flow and No slumping.
Dentin replacement material for all direct composite restorations including large posterior cavities, deep cavities and endo-treated teeth, cavities with missing cusps or after amalgam removal and cavities where inlays and on lays would also be recommended .
Core build-up
Optimal to strengthen large restorations thanks to the reinforcing effect of fibers.
Excellent fracture toughness reducing the risk of catastrophic failures
Perfect thixotropy for an easy placement & adaptation
No slumping even in upper molars
Quick procedure when using the Bulk shade (with a layer thickness up to 5,5mm)
Excellent aesthetic results with the Dentin shade (in layers of 2mm)
Indicated both for dentin replacement and for core build-up preparations




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