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2 x 51 Gm. Cartridge

Clear, Vinyl Polysiloxane Material .

EXACLEAR is an innovative, clear silicone material made to fulfil the demands for high aesthetics while facilitating the way to great results. Its amazing transparency makes it particularly effective in complex clinical situations like wear cases, complex morphologies and challenging aesthetic cases. Its versatility in use makes it a perfect product to be used by a dentist, a lab technician, an orthodontist or an implantology’s.
EXACLEAR used together with an injectable composite such as G-aenial Universal Injectable enables clinicians to create restorations as aesthetic as indirect veneers, but quicker, more affordable and using less invasive preparations.
Injection Molding technique, for aesthetic or wear cases.
Temporary crown and bridgework.
The layering of composite, particularly when light-curing from the palatal side.
Bite registration.
Transfer of brackets from the model to the mouth.
Transfer fibers from the model to the mouth.

Crystal Clear View
The high transparency offers a great visual control for details visibility.
The unparalleled transparency allows very effective light-curing through the silicone.
Optimal Consistency.
It has an optimal consistency for easy placement in the tray.
It perfectly reproduces details as the product becomes fluid during insertion to perfectly adapt to the preparation.
It is very easy to cut or drill the silicone for the injection molding technique.
It has a very good tear strength while being flexible enough to be removed from the mouth.
EXACLEAR allows you to skip steps in the conventional treatment and save time altogether.
After just 2 minutes intra-orally the impression is set and can be removed.
When working on a model, the material will be set within 7 minutes.




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