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About GC G-CEM LinkAce

GC G-CEM Link Ace Luting Cement.

4.6.Gm x 2 Translucent

A New Generation of Self-Adhesive Resin Luting Cement .

GC G-CEM Link Ace is a dual-cure self-adhesive universal resin luting cement delivered in a double barrel automixte syringe, designed for the adhesive luting of all-ceramic, metal or composite indirect restorations. Offering the highest polymerization in self-cure mode, G-CEM Link Ace ensures perfect results, regardless of the type of prosthetic material that is being cemented. The proprietary phosphate monomers of G-CEM Link Ace guarantee unsurpassed bonding durability. The high wear resistance and color stability give peace of mind when luting CAD-CAM and metal-free restorations.
GC G-CEM Link Ace Luting Cement has been optimized to provide a simple solution for the most common challenges clinicians face during indirect restorative procedures.
Highly efficient self-curing mode
Excellent bonding property to all modern restorative materials
High bond strength to dentine and enamel in both self-cure and dual-cure modes
No need for pre-conditioning on the tooth structure
Fluoride release for additional security
No post-operative sensitivity
Excellent color stability
Lowest linear expansion
Adequate radiopacity
No need for refrigeration
Cementation of all types of all-ceramic, resin and metal-based inlays, on lays, crowns and bridges.
Cementation of metal, ceramic, fiber posts, and cast post and cores.




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