Image of Huge Synthetic Polymer Teeth - Sonning - A3

Huge Synthetic Polymer Teeth - Sonning - A3

Original price was: ₹1,500.00.Current price is: ₹899.00.

Huge Synthetic Polymer Teeth – Sonning – A3


Original price was: ₹1,500.00.Current price is: ₹899.00.

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About Huge Synthetic Polymer Teeth – Sonning – A3

This product is made from quality polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) material added with cross-linking agents to improve the network structure. And this product is made through multiple thermal press against the unique nickel-based alloy composite mold, to ensure the accuracy.

  1. Indications

This product is mainly used for making full denture, removable partial denture, crown restoration of fixed denture, to recover vocalization,                beautify the face and improve the chewing ability.

 2. Main technical properties and features

  •  Dimensions of teeth : the dimensions of the teeth are not differ by more than 5 % from the values shown in the mould chart.
  •  Color and blending of shades: designed as per the natural tooth structure to make the tooth show the translucent opalescence effect                   in shade and its transition for enamel and dentine.
  •  No porosity and other defects: no porosity or defects, such as rough trimming, rough finish or visible impurities on the coronal surfaces.
  •  Surface finish : the surface should be smooth, lustrous and non-porous, and it can be polished to restore the original finish.
  •  Bonding to denture base polymer : well bonded to heat-polymerizable denture-base materials.
  •  Color stability : no perceptible color change after ultraviolet radiation test.
  •  Resistance to blenching, distortion and crazing : no blanching, distortion or crazing after boiling.

    3. Application

It shall be used as per the normal procedures of the oral restorations technician.


  • Before filling of the base material, keep the product clean, and slightly roughen the back crest to make it easily bonded.
  • After modification and adjustment of the tooth surface, use fine polishing of the modified surface with the gel wheel head to avoid dyeing. Take care not to rub off the tooth surface texture when polishing the denture base.
  • Do not use flame to fuse the residual wax on the product surface to avoid burn down the tooth surface and crake due to inner stress.
  • The dentist should ask the patient whether he/she has the allergic history to acrylic acid resin before making the tooth inlaying.
  • The dentist should tell the patient to use the neutral detergent for the denture made from this product to avoid dyeing, when instructing the patient in use of the dentures



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