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Zinc Oxide Powder

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Zinc Oxide Powder


Original price was: ₹150.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.

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About Zinc Oxide Powder

What is Zinc Oxide Powder?

Understanding the Importance of Zinc Oxide Powder in Dentistry

Zinc Oxide Powder plays a crucial role in modern dentistry, serving as an essential component in various dental procedures. It is a fine, white powder composed of high-purity zinc oxide particles, carefully manufactured to meet the stringent standards of the dental industry. This versatile powder offers exceptional properties that enhance the accuracy and durability of dental impressions, providing dental professionals with unparalleled precision and patient comfort.

Key Features and Benefits

Discover the Advantages of Our Premium Zinc Oxide Powder

  1. Superior Accuracy and Detail Reproduction: Our Zinc Oxide Powder guarantees precise and detailed impressions, enabling you to capture even the most intricate dental structures with ease. The fine particles of our powder ensure optimal surface contact and minimal distortion, resulting in accurate impressions and improved treatment outcomes.
  2. Excellent Flowability and Moisture Control: With its exceptional flowability, our Zinc Oxide Powder effortlessly fills the dental impression trays, ensuring a smooth and consistent application. Its moisture control properties prevent excess saliva or moisture interference, allowing for better control and accuracy during the impression-taking process.
  3. Exceptional Tear Strength and Flexibility: Our Zinc Oxide Powder offers excellent tear strength, minimizing the risk of distortion or tearing when removing the impression from the patient’s mouth. This durability ensures that your dental impressions remain intact throughout the entire process, facilitating precise restorations and prosthetic fittings.
  4. Biocompatible and Safe: Crafted with the utmost consideration for patient well-being, our Zinc Oxide Powder is biocompatible, hypoallergenic, and free from harmful substances. This ensures that your patients will experience minimal discomfort or adverse reactions during and after the procedure, enhancing their overall satisfaction and confidence in your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common Queries about Zinc Oxide Powder Answered

Q1: How is Zinc Oxide Powder used in dental procedures?

A: Zinc Oxide Powder is commonly mixed with a suitable liquid, such as eugenol or water, to create a viscous paste that is applied to dental impression trays. It enables accurate replication of dental structures and is frequently used in crown and bridge work, denture fabrication, and other dental prosthetic procedures.

Q2: Can Zinc Oxide Powder be used with other dental materials?

A: Absolutely! Our Zinc Oxide Powder is compatible with various dental materials, including alginate, silicones, and gypsum. It seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, allowing you to achieve consistent and reliable results across different procedures.

Q3: Is Zinc Oxide Powder easy to handle and store?

A: Certainly! Our Zinc Oxide Powder comes in a convenient packaging designed for ease of use and long-term storage. The powder has excellent stability and maintains its properties when stored properly, ensuring reliable performance throughout its shelf life.


Harness the power of our premium Zinc Oxide Powder to elevate your dental practice to new heights of precision and excellence. With its exceptional accuracy, flowability, tear strength, and biocompatibility, our Zinc Oxide Powder empowers dental professionals like you to deliver outstanding results and ensure patient satisfaction. Embrace innovation and choose our Zinc Oxide Powder for superior dental impressions and restorations. Order now and experience the transformative impact of this remarkable dental product!






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