Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm


Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm



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About Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm

Superior Quality Stainless Steel Construction for Optimal Performance

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, the Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance in canal preparation. The durable stainless steel material ensures long-lasting reliability, providing you with a dependable tool for your endodontic procedures. Experience superior cutting efficiency and precise canal shaping with this top-quality instrument.

Choose Your Perfect Fit: Available in Sizes #01, #02, and #03

The Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm offers versatility with its available sizes. Choose the perfect fit for your specific needs with options including #01, #02, and #03. Whether you are working on fine canals or larger ones, these reamers are designed to provide optimal results. Select the size that best matches your requirements and achieve precise canal preparation with ease.

Convenient Package: Six Pieces of Precision Delivered in Each Box

Each box of the Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm contains six high-quality reamers, ensuring an ample supply to support your endodontic procedures. With this convenient package, you can seamlessly perform multiple treatments without interruptions. Whether you are an individual practitioner or part of a dental clinic, this comprehensive set of reamers provides convenience and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FNQs) – Your Queries Answered

Q. What is the length of the Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm?

A. The length of the reamer is precisely 32mm, allowing for effective canal preparation in various dental procedures.

Q. How many pieces are included in each box?

A. Each box contains six high-quality reamers, providing you with a sufficient supply for your endodontic treatments.

Q. Can I choose different sizes of reamers in a single package?

A. No, each package includes reamers of the same size. However, you can select the desired size (#01, #02, or #03) that suits your specific needs.

Q. Is the Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm suitable for all types of canals?

A. Yes, these reamers are designed to be versatile and effective in various canal types. Whether you are working with fine or larger canals, the Perfect Endo Pesso Reamer 32mm provides optimal performance and precise canal preparation.

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