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About Maarc Modelling Wax 

Baseplate wax is a durable substance used mainly to fabricate occlusion rims for dental construction into which denture teeth are arranged (IE. holding artificial teeth to baseplates) before laboratory processing and during fabrication of the denture.

Color: It comes in various shades such as pink, light pink, and red.

Type: Soft, Medium, Hard & Plate Wax.

Intended use / Indications: Fabrication of occlusal rims, Spacer to protect the relief areas and to establish the Initial arch form in the construction of complete dentures, fabrication of trial denture base in the process of making a complete or partial dental prosthesis, production of gypsum casts, non-metallic denture bases, registering of Jaw relations, and laboratory work.

Properties & Advantages:

  • It is a type 2 low-fusing wax used for the indirect wax technique. It is made of a low-molecular-weight ester of fatty acids derived from natural or synthetic components, such as petroleum derivatives, that soften at a relatively low temperature (45-55°C).
  • The wax does not fragment into flakes when molded after softening and provides a framework for registering jaw relations and arrangement of the prosthetic teeth
  • The wax attains a plastic state at room temperature, hence during the trials, the teeth do not get displaced from their defined layout as per the patient’s Jaw model under the Ideal working pressure of try-in models.
  • The wax melts out during the process of burnout/ dewaxing to create the mold space into which the acrylic is filled for making the final denture prosthesis

Shelf life and storage:

  • Store at Temp between 10°C to 40°C.
  • Best before 60 months under proper storage



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