Shofu Beautifill ll – 4.5GM


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About Shofu Beautifill ll – 4.5GM

A versatile fluoride-releasing, nanohybrid direct aesthetic restorative material that contains the modified S-PRG fillers designed for a variety of anterior and posterior restorations.
Features:-1) Universal restorative that is indicated for direct cosmetic tooth modifications, restoration of Class III, IV, and V cavities, cervical erosion, root caries, Class I and selective Class II cavities, fractures, laminate veneers and core build-up.2) Offers fluoride release and recharge similar to glass-ionomers with a unique anti-plaque effect specially useful when treating high caries risk patients.3) Assures predictable aesthetics, excellent shade stability, improved polishability and outstanding surface luster due to the nano-hybrid filler distribution in the material.4) Remarkable wear resistance, radiopacity 3 times that of natural dentin for accurate diagnosis, fluorescence similar to natural teeth and biocompatible.5) Optimal physical properties to ensure durable and long lasting restorations under tough intraoral conditions.6) Enhanced handling with ideal thixotropic nature and easy to use ONE TOUCH CAP syringe system.Packing:-
Syringe available 4.5gm ( A2 , A3 )






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